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Feeding your new puppy is very inportant, a good balanced diet insures your puppy/dog will have a good long healthy life. Over the years I have developed a great diet for my dogs. I always have kibble (Royal Cain) out for my dogs to nibble all  through the day. My dogs have always have kibble and water available to them, Chi's tend not to over eat and need many small meals a day apposed to one or 2 meals a day. I find that from a few weeks old they have food to munch on when ever they want and  it is no big deal to them when they get older and don't tend over eating in most cases. My dogs are all healthy and lean. I also make my own food which they are feed every second  day and only a little (2 tablespoons) and mix it always with the kibble. It is very simple to make and can be frozen which makes it easy to make a large batch up and freeze it into meal size. You must always mix kibble into the home made food as you  dog needs kibble to keep there teeth clean and there are things they need from the kibble.
I only use the best cuts of ground beef, chicken, and beef. 
70% meat cooked and cut into small bit size pieces.
15% rice or pasta cooked 
15% veggies  you can use frozen or add fresh cut in bit size.
It is that simple and my dogs love it.
I also give raw veggies as snacks and baby carrots are great for puppies cutting teeth. 
Don't give your pet table scraps a they are no good for them but if you are making dinner you can cook some for them with no spices or oil. 
Now I am guilty of giving little treats like a piece of cheese to everyone and if a bowl of ice cream is filled everyone gets a few licks. This is how I feed my dogs/ puppies. You can continue or you can  feed what you would like. A word of advice.
If your Vet tells you your dog needs to be on a special diet and he or she just happens to sell the food think about it.. they want you coming back every month and giving them money. There are several good foods out there, I like to feed Royal Cain because they make one just for Chihuahuas and the pieces are smaller for there little mouths and it is high quality food.
If your dog has a medical condition then a Vet formula diet maybe needed. Many Vets carry Royal Canin now and you can also buy it in pet stores. ​​Don't kill your dog with what you think is kindness giving them table scraps etc. Your asking for dental problems..
I also suggest brushing your puppies teeth from a young age, it will help so much when they are older and dental problem can be averted. ​

Chihuahua's maybe small but remember in there minds they are Great Danes and have the heart of a wolf.
                                               Training your Puppy
From the third  week of your puppies life I have been starting on there pee pad training. They watch there Mom and our other dogs use them and they learn very fast. By the time your puppy goes home with you they are about  50 to 70% trained. It is us to you now to get them 100%. When  home  place one in the area of  your home you want your puppy to potty. I use boot trays and place the pee pads on them to help protect the floor. You will need to take your pup several times a day to the paper to show him where to go and say " potty on paper" it will take some time but to be 100% . If your wanting to out side train your pup then start right away when you get your puppy home. Never just put your puppy out to pee, you have to go out with them and praise them when they do there potty. Get a treat that you only give them when they potty in the right place. ( cut up small all beef hotdogs worke well) It takes time and hard work but you will have a wonderful dog for life. Dogs are not dirty they just were not trained right.  Remember your puppy wants notheing more than to please you. Another tip is pick up matts and small rugs until they are trained. Never put the pads on carpet and always let them use a pad several times before disposing it, dab a little pee from the soiled pad onto the clean one this will help him to find his scent. Never give to puppy a full run of the house unless you are watching them. When you go out it is wise to put them into a room such as the kitchen with the bad, food, water, bed and toys. That way they don't have a problem finding there food or pads. Some puppies pick up potty training quickly, others it may take time. The MORE TIME YOU PUT INTO THE TRAINING THE BETTER THE OUTCOME AND FASTER.
Remember don't hit or yell at your puppy. They have no short term memory and will have no idea why you are upset with them and it will only make him or her a timid puppy/ dog. Clean it up with a little widex I find works well. If you do catch them in the act take them to the paper and put them on it and let them know how happy you are when they pee on the pad. Praise will work wonderful. And remember what goes in must come out and it is usually not long after the eat or drink..
If your puppy will sleep with you which most of ours do, don't let them drink before bed and remember as soon as they open there eyes they need to pee don't wait long or you will be changing your bed. A good idea is to put a pee pad in the bathroom you use and when you get up or your partner take the puppy with you to pee.. close the door so they can't leave. Then they will be ready to go back to cuddle..
Hope this helps, if you have any good tips to share email them to me and I will be happy to pass them on to our Star's Family.. Good luck.. I am here if you need help.. ​​​
Feeding & Training